What does it look like to be the People of God in this time of deep change? We believe it involves upholding what it means to be a human person, building relationships with our neighbours in the local and putting Common Good principles into practice. Explore our stories to find out more.
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Queen Elizabeth and the Common Good

A free resource to inspire young people to follow the example of Queen Elizabeth, to value relationships and take responsibility in the community
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Covenantal Listening

A church in a Jewish neighbourhood discovers that listening is the key to relationship building
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More than Food

An initiative to feed hungry children is harnessing gifts and bringing people together as well as fostering a sense of purpose in a parish…
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Imagining the Common Good

Grace Davie explores how cathedrals can be places to inspire a sense of belonging, where our aspirations for the Common Good find expression
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Je ne regrette rien

Archbishop Emeritus Patrick Kelly confesses his role in perpetuating a management culture that has affected the character of the church
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The story of Grimsby Neighbourhood Church, committed to serving its local neighbourhood for the long term
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Walking to church

What do we lose when we live and worship in different places? Sam Tomlin writes about what happened when he decided to walk to church
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Taking responsibility, finding purpose

How does our Common Good Schools programme prepare young people to take responsibility for the Common Good in their community?
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Common Good and the asset based approach

Asset Based Community Development methodology is much talked about. But how does ABCD relate to the Common Good?
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Neighbours pooling resources

By pooling resources and knowledge, neighbours can support their neighbours financially
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Holy time

In the modern world it is vital to spend ‘holy time’ in order to strengthen our ability to build the common good
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Restoring the dignity of work

Tim Thorlby calls the churches to be at the forefront of the movement to restore dignity to working people
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Illegal grazing

How a local dispute over horse grazing revealed the weaknesses of contract culture and the strengths of covenantal relationships
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We Grieve

From vulnerability and loss to Common Good: how a parish community remembered their neighbours lost to Covid-19
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Do you know who emptied your bins today?

Cleaners are often underpaid and ignored, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Together we can bring fair pay and dignity to all low paid workers.
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Transformational politics for the Common Good

Enabling local leadership brings tangible results when churches help to tackle not only financial poverty, but political and cultural poverty too
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Common Funds for the Common Good

Pooling charitable donations through Giving Circles can bring donors into relationship with communities and so build the Common Good…
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Finding the treasure

After a long period of neglect, estates churches are receiving attention, and proving to be a gift to the whole Church.
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A Politics of Hope

As social and political confusion reigns, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explains what’s going on and what we can do build the Common Good
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Walking the parish

Consider the parish as a shared inheritance in which all can participate: the local church can animate a renewed civic conversation
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The discomfort of the working class graduate

As Brexit reveals the social and cultural disconnect between the educated and uneducated, Michael Merrick tells his own moving story
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Forgiveness builds the Common Good

In a society scarred by division, an unlikely friendship reveals that forgiveness is a freedom and helps to build the Common Good
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The Church of the Table

A priest in Italy wanted to help the homeless and the destitute migrants in his parish. From nothing, a community has been created
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Tackling homelessness, the Common Good way

Our Common Good Builder process is helping churches bring civic partners together to tackle homelessness in Bournemouth…
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The Theology and Politics of a Common Life

Luke Bretherton calls Christians to take up democratic politics as a way of pursuing a common life and fulfilling the call to love our neighbours…
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Disruption and the Common Good

Covid-19 is turning our world upside down. Wayne Parsons believes this moment could be the impetus for a new settlement for the Common Good
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Mine or Ours?

Matt Wilson helps congregations generate practical ways to transform their relationship with money and contribute to the community at the same time.
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Church of the Poor

What is the nature of the relationship between churches and communities, especially the left-behind?