What does it look like to be the People of God in this time of deep change? We believe it involves upholding what it means to be a human person, building relationships with our neighbours in the local and putting Common Good principles into practice. Explore our stories to find out more.
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A School as a force for the Common Good

A school in a deprived area has won an award for demonstrating that a school can be a force for the Common Good in its neighbourhood
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Finding common ground

How are we most likely to achieve social change? Through political campaigning or by finding common ground at local level?
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The Family, the State and the Common Good

The family is where we learn to relate and so underpins our ability to build the Common Good. But does the state help or hinder family life?
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Better Together – Then and Now

Manning and Booth came together to serve the poor and cooperated for the betterment of society. This is their story.
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Calling People of Goodwill

Our new Bible study booklet shows the Common Good is a practice and something we build, as we work together across our differences.
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The importance of virtue in building the Common Good

Do we understand the importance of virtue, especially humility, in building the Common Good? Learn why, with the help of Dante’s Divine Comedy…
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The complexities around migration

Migration is arguably the most complex issue in the West today. How can we build an immigration system for the Common Good?
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Young and Old, Together

Older people have a valuable contribution to make to society but are often marginalised – how can we enable them to share their gifts?
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Better Angels

How can we bridge the political divides that drive us apart? Who is willing to broker conversations between estranged groups?
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Business for the Common Good

How can businesses have a social purpose? Can a business for the Common Good be delivered in a highly competitive, low-wage industry?
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Creating a Culture of Encounter

Advocates of the Common Good argue that human flourishing requires more than economic reform, we need to create a culture of encounter
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Chaplaincy to Older People

As loneliness and isolation become increasingly widespread, churches are building common good with the elderly and housebound
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From Loneliness to Common Good

Read here for Jonathan Herbert’s vivid account of a common good approach to loneliness on a Dorset farm
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Openness to Encounter

We so often have to think about networking in our professional lives. What does this really mean? Are we truly open to encountering others?