Put relationships first

People often ask, if there is one thing I can do for the common good, what would it be? The answer is to build relationships. Our culture is fragmented and polarised and we can all play a part in the solution. We can overcome mistrust, contempt and loneliness by making connections, reaching beyond our own echo chambers, to build relationships with people whose viewpoints, background, class, or political tradition is different from our own. Genuine diversity is not just about race and gender: more importantly it is about diversity of opinion. Freedom of expression and freedom of conscience are fundamental to the common good.

Any type of friendly conversation is valuable and will help to rehumanise our life together: making eye contact and saying hello at the checkout, in the cafeteria, on the bus. Meeting with another person intentionally one-to-one has real impact, and a shared meal can foster local trust. Remember not to rush into social action, always build relationship first. Explore some of our suggestions and resources below.


The one-to-one conversation

Relationship is the cornerstone of the Common Good. The one to one conversation needs to become second nature. Have one at least once a week with someone you don't know. Get to know people whose opinion, class, background or tradition is different from yours. It is of value in its own right, for the honour of hearing someone's story. The purpose is not a campaign and it costs nothing.


Use our Common Good checklist

How 'Common Good' do you think you are? Use our Checklist to review what you are doing - as a church, organisation or local group. Guaranteed to spark a lively discussion that will lead to positive changes!


Host a shared meal

Invite neighbours to a shared meal to get to know each other. Invite people across different backgrounds - and crucially, across a diversity of opinion. Enable open conversation with mutual respect. Co-own the evening: cook together, serve each other and clear up together.


Start with our bible study

Gather a group to work through our six part resource, the Word and the Common Good. It will build rapport between you and motivate you to build relationships with people and institutions in your neighbourhood.


Start with a prompt

This website is packed with resources to help you - our stories, lectures, essays, talks and podcasts - choose some content to stimulate discussion with friends, in your team or group, and to motivate you to build relationships with people and institutions in your neighbourhood.


Book a speaker

T4CG encourages leaders, churches, organisations and congregations to build local relationships. If you would like to book a speaker to deliver a session for your group, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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