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  • Common Good Schools: Easter 2024
    Jo Stow reflects on the importance of face-to-face reciprocal relationships, and reports on the latest activities of some of our partner schoolsRead More
  • The Desert
    The T4CG Lent Newsletter 2024 - in a world falling apart, let us take time in the desert, reject temptations and join in with building the kingdomRead More
  • 2024 Lecture Series #01
    In the first of our 2024 series of public talks Matthew Petrusek explores the common good response to the secular ideologies that are challenging our cultureRead More
  • Common Good Schools: Lent 2024
    Jo Stow announces the launch of a free Lent resource for schools and shares stories from our partner schoolsRead More
  • Lincoln Lecture Series
    A series of lectures held in partnership with Lincoln Cathedral: how can social theology help us play our part in spiritual and civic renewal? Read More
  • The Way of Peace
    The T4CG Christmas-New Year Newsletter 2023-2024 - relationship is not a soft alternative to speaking truth to power – it is the antidote to individualism.Read More
  • Common Good Schools: December 2023
    Jo Stow reports on new partner schools joining and the launch of our new website for the Common Good Schools programme Read More
  • Justice and Peace
    T4CG Newsletter for Christ the King 2023. How the Church is called to justice and peace at this time of instabilityRead More
  • Whose Justice?
    T4CG Newsletter for Michaelmas 2023. Why campaigns to end poverty through welfarism repress and marginalise prophetic justice.Read More
  • From “Me” to “We”
    What is the impact of individualistic culture on service and justice, and how does this affect how we think about social action?Read More
  • The Meaning of Good
    T4CG Newsletter for Summer 2023. Choosing good calls us into a life-giving story of local relationships, rejecting the false claims of anti-humanismRead More
  • The Italian Connection
    A group of Italian school children come to Liverpool and every aspect of their visit was the result of friendshipRead More
  • A Civilisation of Love
    T4CG Newsletter for Pentecost 2023. Our economy is dysfunctional: Catholic social thought inspires us to argue for reform. Read More
  • Common Good Schools: Pentecost 2023
    how a school filled with the Holy Spirit can initiate renewal in its neighbourhood, drawing students into relationship with members of the local communityRead More
  • Freedom
    T4CG Newsletter for Easter 2023 includes a warning to refuse the false freedoms of the new "Egypt", the cult of neoliberalismRead More
  • A new narrative on race..
    What is the common good approach to racial justice? What should we be cautious about?Read More
  • Common Good Schools: Easter 2023
    The importance of relationships in building common good requires a wider understanding of diversity, as Jo Stow reportsRead More
  • Common Good Schools: Lent 23
    Trends show a sharp decline in social trust among young people. Our Common Good Schools is an antidote, as Jo Stow reportsRead More
  • Resistance
    T4CG Newsletter for Lent 2023. The unravelling calls us to a spirituality of resistanceRead More
  • Anticipation
    T4CG Newsletter for Christmas 2022. Anticipation is the right posture for this time of upheaval. Read More