What we do


We encourage people to build Common Good in the place where they live, strengthening social solidarity across different opinions and backgrounds.

We focus in particular on churches which have a vital ingredient to bring to the places where they are situated: by renewing their covenantal relationship with people and with place, they can play a vital role in civic renewal.

We revitalise the church by building up the people of the church through our formation and training resources in Common Good thinking, tailored for lay people, young people and church leaders. We coach senior church leaders, and build generative partnerships.

We equip young people with Common Good thinking and strengthen schools and youth settings as neighbourly civic institutions through our training resources and coaching.

We hold public conversation events looking at topical issues through the lens of the Common Good. We hold bespoke training sessions. 

We intentionally work to connect people across the Christian traditions: the T4CG e-newsletter reaches a broad audience and cross fertilises to enable mutual learning. 

Building relationships between churches and other institutions is at the heart of the way we work. We work in a broad coalition with other Christian organisations, and cherish close links with our friends from other faith and non religious traditions.

We always work in partnership. Our small team benefits from the support of volunteers and associates.

For an overview of our activity in 2020/21, please click here