What does it look like to be the People of God in this time of deep change? We believe it involves upholding what it means to be a human person, building relationships with our neighbours in the local and putting Common Good principles into practice. Explore our stories to find out more.
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Shaping a community of hope: God is calling us to join with the Spirit in an emerging story that will reweave the life of a desiccated world
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Ice cream social and curbside library

God is calling us to practices of reweaving in our neighbourhoods to form community in the places where we live
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My hate-affair with economics

Edward Hadas explains why the financial system is inherently unstable and argues that the Church must speak prophetically for economic reform
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Housing and land: a common good approach

How can Catholic social teaching help to tackle the housing crisis and reform land use?
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From space to place

In an era of social fragmentation, how should the church pursue mission? Martin Robinson advises starting by listening to the neighbourhood
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Pilgrimages of Grace

The ancient tradition of pilgrimage is an antidote to individualism and a countercultural sign pointing us to the Common Good
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Where the Kingdom is

Middle class church is offputting to poor people. Read about a leader who decided to do church differently.
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The soil of community

Alan Roxburgh advises church leaders to let go of programmes and listen to the life of the Spirit in the neighbourhood
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Wrestling in Church

How a posture of listening in the neighbourhood led to an unlikely relationship and revitalised the life of a local church
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In the spirit of anticipation, amidst the unravelling, a church turns decline into renewal
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Feeding the roots

More than just buildings, churches have a role in the local ecology, and like trees, their roots need feeding, says Andrew Rumsey
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Re-neighbouring: the upside down Gospel

As the urban pressure to be ultra-mobile undermines the Christian call to place and proximity, we explore ways to “re-neighbour” the parish
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to live a decent life

Reflecting on the Great Dock Strike of 1889, we explore the covenantal relationship between Cardinal Manning and the dockers of London’s East End
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Divine irrigation

Facing the reality of church decline, a vicar uncovers the true vocation of his parish
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Rebuilding the Broken Body

Why did so few see Brexit and Trump coming? Jenny Sinclair explores the underlying reasons and how the churches should respond
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Communities need jobs to thrive

An inspirational story of church leaders’ collaboration with civic partners to keep and attract jobs to communities
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Solidarity in Hard Times

The Christian way of tackling poverty must be relational and personal, not delegated to welfare or activism
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Down on the allotment

Tim Lea reflects that God’s idea of mission is different from our assumptions: we should unlearn old practices and believe that it is only God who makes things grow.
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No God-forsaken Places

How neighbours working together transformed their neighbourhood with a little help from the local church
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Modernity’s Mistake

We cannot liberate ourselves from the natural world and still flourish. We must cherish memory and place.
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Becoming one family

How a social action aim to feed hungry children grew into a multi-layered patchwork of flourishing local relationships
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Bridge-building leadership

Andrew Bradstock reflects on the role of the Church in a time of division and examines the bridge-building leadership of Bishop David Sheppard
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A calling to build the Common Good

Jenny Sinclair, daughter of Bishop David Sheppard, takes a personal view of her father’s calling and how he fulfilled his ‘vocational responsibility’
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The Power of Loving Kindness

Why did we forget how to be kind? What is kindness anyway? It’s not as obvious as you might think
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Queen Elizabeth and the Common Good

A free resource to inspire young people to follow the example of Queen Elizabeth, to value relationships and take responsibility in the community
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Covenantal Listening

A church in a Jewish neighbourhood discovers that listening is the key to relationship building
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More than Food

An initiative to feed hungry children is harnessing gifts and bringing people together as well as fostering a sense of purpose in a parish…
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Imagining the Common Good

Grace Davie explores how cathedrals can be places to inspire a sense of belonging, where our aspirations for the Common Good find expression