resourcing you IN A TIME OF CHANGE

This is a challenging time for leaders across the churches. We can help.

People across the Christian traditions have a vital role to play in the renewal of our country. But navigating this new era can be challenging when the frameworks you are used to are also undergoing profound change. Common Good leadership is more important than ever. Whether you are a lay person in a leadership position, a pastor, a priest, a vicar, a non ordained church leader, a bishop, a deacon, a chaplain, a religious brother or sister, you may be asking how you are called to respond.

We help leaders across the Christian traditions in the discernment of their unique calling to the Common Good in their context. We work with individual leaders and with groups, and we contribute to the programmes of other organisations. We can deliver a bespoke session for you situation and we can connect you with others who can help.

Next steps?

Email Louise Lambert at and we'll be happy to arrange a conversation.

We are a small, independent charity with no institutional support and entirely reliant on donations, so if you have a budget, we invite you to make a gift to recognise the time we devote to you. You can donate safely here.