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Shaking Hands Outline

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed many underlying weaknesses in our society. With the additional economic fallout coming in the wake of the lockdown, there will be a need to strengthen our civic immune systems. That layer of civil society that includes our local institutions and associations has been weakened over recent decades. If we strengthen local bodies and forge mutually beneficial relationships between them, we will have a better level of resilience to withstand the difficult times ahead.

Our resources draw on a coherent framework of Common Good principles to help you fulfil your vocational responsibility and play your part for the wellbeing of the whole community - in neighbourhood, school, church, workplace, or in your everyday life.

There is an urgent need to build community, bridge divides, strengthen social trust and rehumanise systems that have lost their soul. By bringing alive the principles and practice of the Common Good, our training and resources help you link your sense of purpose with action and play your part in a constructive way, in partnership with others of goodwill.