We saw great community spirit emerging during lockdown and we don't want to lose it. As the fallout of the pandemic hits, we'll need to continue to work together to strengthen our neighbourhoods.

As lockdown eases, many people will want a return to the status quo. But the COVID-19 crisis exposed many underlying weaknesses in our society, and as the economic impact hits, life will get tougher for many. That is why pursuing the Common Good is so necessary.

We need more relational ways of living, ways that build strength in and across communities for the long term. We can do this by building relationships with our neighbours across different backgrounds and opinions, and between our local institutions. Altogether this strengthens civil society and generates a stronger "civic immune system" capable of upholding our shared humanity and resisting the forces that undermine our common life.

LET'S CONTINUE TO BUILD COMMUNITY is a place to start. It's a set of four short sessions to help you form a local group across your differences to build on community spirit and work together for the benefit of your neighbourhood. During the crisis, you have probably been connecting with many people and organisations across your community. Why not gather a group to take that energy forward?


The sessions stimulate discussions framed around Common Good principles and help you develop an action plan together.  They're suitable for running online or face to face. Leadership of the group can be shared, so there's no need for one person to do it all. This is a new resource we are offering to help people at this time - please try it. The Session Guide is free to download. 

Who is this for?  This resource is suitable for all and is designed for a mix of local people from different backgrounds, classes and political views. For example: neighbours, key workers, faith leaders, acknowledged community leaders and volunteers, local business leaders, local representatives of 'agencies' e.g. Local Authority, police, NHS, schools, people who have used the foodbank or other community services. The resource is intentionally written in non religious language to be inclusive for people of all faiths and none.

We'd love to know if you find this helpful - do write to us with your feedback or any questions to

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