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Shaking Hands

FOCUS ON: Let's Continue to Build Community

  • Our new 4 session guide helps local groups build on the community spirit that emerged during lockdown.
  • During the crisis, you probably connected with many people and organisations in your neighbourhood. Why not gather a group to take that energy forward?
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What’s happening in the Common Good world:

T4CGT4CG16 hours ago

"..we were grieving not just for those who had died but also for ourselves and our sense of abandonment. We were lamenting some deep dissolution... It was civic and cultural, personal and spiritual." Still We Grieve

samjtomlinsamjtomlin7 days ago

Some news: with permission of our line managers in the SA, Jenni & I will be living in & leading a new monastic community house here in Liverpool as part of our current appointment. We've written a blog on this here if you're interested:...

T4CGT4CG1 week ago

"The must be a place that brings people together and fosters long-term personal relationships, thereby giving people a sense of belonging and being wanted." New instructional, practical letter on the parish community from

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