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Taking responsibility to build the Common Good

Shaking Hands

FOCUS ON: Let's Continue to Build Community

  • Our new 4 session guide helps local groups build on the community spirit that emerged during lockdown.
  • During the crisis, you probably connected with many people and organisations in your neighbourhood. Why not gather a group to take that energy forward?
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What’s happening in the Common Good world:

BuxtonProgrammeBuxtonProgramme1 day ago

A delight yesterday to host the Jenny Sinclair of who ran our second seminar of the year on the Common Good & Catholic Social Thought - 'the theology of the Holy Spirit in practice'. Lots for our interns to chew over!

T4CGT4CG2 days ago

A school can be a force for the Common Good - rooted in the community, sharing the highs and lows, both in times of celebration as well as in sorrow.

GoodwinMJGoodwinMJ3 days ago

A short thread. Many institutions adopt an imbalanced or ‘asymmetric’ approach to diversity & inclusion. They focus overwhelmingly, & increasingly, on race/ethnicity, which is often seen as the only relevant variable....

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