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Taking responsibility to build the Common Good

Shaking Hands

FOCUS ON: Let's Continue to Build Community

  • Our new 4 session guide helps local groups build on the community spirit that emerged during lockdown.
  • During the crisis, you probably connected with many people and organisations in your neighbourhood. Why not gather a group to take that energy forward?
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What’s happening in the Common Good world:

T4CGT4CG2 days ago

“If a growing number of us come to believe that individual experience and perception is the primary truth, then it just becomes your truth versus mine...making it harder to come to democratic compromises.”

gtomlingtomlin2 days ago

Just had a fascinating podcast discussion with Maurice Glasman. Look out for it when it comes out. Loved his definition of the church: "the embodiment of love in a desecrated world"

T4CGT4CG4 days ago

For , “‘culture’ is not so much the things you’d see reviewed in newspapers and magazines, or things you’d pop out to see after a nice brunch on a weekend.” unpacks the Theology of the People - vital to un...

T4CGT4CG5 days ago

Ways to resist the empire of institutional thinking and restore the natural wilderness of our lives: walk the neighbourhood regularly without headphones; live at the speed of trust; keep sabbath times as a dome of protection.

T4CGT4CG6 days ago

Nature and the Common Good: we agree with that to be genuinely for the common good, and reform should have jobs for local people, their histories, cultures and skills at the centre. Read her 10-point plan.

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