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FOCUS ON: the Politics of Grace and Place

  • As we move into the new era, churches are called to fulfil a covenantal civic role
  • Read our letter, The Politics of Grace and Place
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What’s happening in the Common Good world:


Story on announcement of as Bishop of Barking today. Population of east London and Essex is set to grow by 300,000 over the decade. "Human flourishing relies not just on building houses but communities"


Enjoyed catching up on a lively discussion with the Archbishop of York at last night, including his recollections as serving as a parish priest on estates. Challenging questions and candid responses


“We shouldn’t be looking at five year strategies. We should be looking at 20 year, 30 year strategies. If we really mean this, it will take a generation”. - Rosie Hopley


over 500 estates in England have no worshipping community in them. Something that drastically needs to change.


Happy to all those celebrating! The Jewish community bring so much to our country and as Faith Minister, I remain committed to celebrating the traditions of Jewish people and protecting their freedom to practice their religion ...

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