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FOCUS ON: the Politics of Grace and Place

  • As we move into the new era, churches are called to fulfil a covenantal civic role
  • Read our letter, The Politics of Grace and Place
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What’s happening in the Common Good world:


Glenn Youngkin has asked all of the state's DEI employees to resign and tapped anti-critical race theory leader Angela Sailor to lead the department. In her first move, Sailor eliminated the word "equity" and replaced it with "opportunit...


Formation of the Heart: the Why and How of Being a Catholic Today is now available to pre-order from ! Beyond excited. Could this be your Lent book for 2022, a gift for a friend, a resource for parish or school formation pr...


✔️ No more facemasks ✔️ No more work from home guidance ✔️ No more Covid passes It’s not everything, but England is saying farewell to Covid life ahead of most of the rest of the world.


"In the name of God, go" Conservative MP David Davis directs a quote, from late Tory politician Leo Amery, to Boris Johnson. Read more:

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