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    • Our Leaving Egypt podcast, co-hosted by Jenny Sinclair and Alan Roxburgh, explores with guests what it means to be God's people in an age of unravelling - by reading the signs of the times and by sharing grassroots stories

    • Jenny and Alan hold the monthly Leaving Egypt Discussion Forum for paid subscribers - a space to meet each other and share experience

    As the #GeneralElection approaches, how can Catholic Social Teaching help us prepare?

    Check out this webinar, chaired by @friel_raymond, featuring a great panel with Clifford Longley of @The_Tablet, Anna Rowlands @AnnaRowlands1, @T4CG's Jenny Sinclair


    How to stop the West from falling apart

    In a second article for @Adamah_Media , Jenny Sinclair outlines her belief that Catholic Social Thought can save us from the social fragmentation which is afflicting the Western world.


    Jenny Sinclair outlines how we can work together to build a society in which everyone can flourish in @Adamah_Media

    You can read it here: http://www.adamah.media/building-the-common-good/

    There are many attempts to make sense of the political crisis underway across the West.

    Most use left-right categories.

    Fr Olek Stirrat proposes instead the metaphysical approach of Catholic Social Teaching.


    Back by popular demand, Calling People of Goodwill is our compact Bible study to help you understand the Common Good in the Bible and respond to God’s calling to transform the world.

    You can order copies via Bible Society online shop


    Thank you @cststmarys for promoting our podcast series.

    You can listen at http://leavingegypt.substack.com or wherever you normally listen to your podcasts

    Jenny and Al spoke to Gary Klopfenstein about the disconnect between the big picture of economies and financial markets and the experience of people and families living on the edge.

    Listen on Substack, or where ever you usually get your podcasts


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