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Shaking Hands

FOCUS ON: the Politics of Grace and Place

  • As we move into the new era, churches are called to fulfil a covenantal civic role
  • Read our letter, The Politics of Grace and Place
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What’s happening in the Common Good world:


“The great scandal of the age is that those without the sacraments are so often superior in charity to the ‘practicing Catholic’ who partakes of the Eucharist and then stands by while his brother is exploited, starved, beaten, and goes...


Good data here showing that most doctors do not support Assisted Suicide - and doctors who actually work with the old and dying are more opposed to it than most. We need more good End of Life care not le...


This week's cover: The Covid cover-up? Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory matters. By John Gray...


📢EVENT | The Common Good: What does it mean? Join us to explore its meaning and importance as our country faces complex challenges ahead. Taking part will be our very own Sam Bruce, Project Lead Researcher at the CSJ. ⬇️You ca...

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