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  • Need practical advice as you support your neighbours? 
  • What are the longer term implications of Coronavirus for the political realignment that was already underway?
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What’s happening in the Common Good world:

T4CGT4CG3 days ago

"The neighbourhood is the primary unit of change. Not the individual." Great video on with , hosted by looking at community-oriented leadership in looking at the value of relationship and the im...

jerichochambersjerichochambers4 days ago

This moment demands that all playbooks (political; ecclesiastical) are cast aside and we get closer to reality with a bit more humility. We need a change in culture to do this - Cardinal Vincent Nichols

hodgehillvicarhodgehillvicar5 days ago

I get the "working from home" thing. It's timely, in some ways. It's good Trinitarian theology (and how many of us long to be reunited with our families right now!). But the 'heaven is somewhere else' stuff doesn't work for me, least of ...

LynneCullensLynneCullens5 days ago

How the vision of one church turned a boy's £5 donation into housing where 42 people could ‘rebuild their lives’. A blog from encouraging local responses to homelessness as part of the work of & in the light ...

T4CGT4CG5 days ago

Ahead of Ascension Day a parish priest traditionally asks for God’s blessing on the land and the crops. In downtown Hackney, walked round his neighbourhood to thank the bus drivers, posties and shop workers for keeping...

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