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    • Our Leaving Egypt podcast, co-hosted by Jenny Sinclair and Alan Roxburgh, explores with guests what it means to be God's people in an age of unravelling - by reading the signs of the times and by sharing grassroots stories

    • Jenny and Alan hold the monthly Leaving Egypt Discussion Forum for paid subscribers - a space to meet each other and share experience

    The importance of reciprocity

    Our Common Good Schools Project Leader, Jo Stow, reflects on the importance for young people of reciprocal, local, face-to-face relationships, and reports on the latest activities of some of our partner schools.


    In a time of crisis and confusion, a church can be a place of refuge and a source of inspiration.

    In his work to promote walking pilgrimage, Phil finds the welcome of an open church fulfils an important role in the rebuilding of our common life.


    Join us if you can for some provocative debate on Catholics and the General Election at the Pastoral Review webinar on 18 April 6-7 pm, with @AnnaRowlands1 Jenny Sinclair from @T4CG and @The_Tablet leader writer Clifford Longley. @AshleyB45738837 @CSANonline @CatholicUnionGB

    Upcoming webinar: 'Pastoral Review webinar: Catholics and the General Election'. Among others, panellists include CSAN CEO, @friel_raymond and @T4CG's Jenny Sinclair. 18 April 2024, 6-7pm.

    In this time of great instability and uncertainty, how should Christians respond?

    What does this mean for our local life?

    Why is local relationship building important?

    Jenny Sinclair recently explored these questions for Island Spirituality Network.


    Jenny Sinclair recently spoke in Bologna about a book, Living With Dying, written by her mother.

    On the surface this is a story about how relationship with each other and with God makes it easier to face the natural reality of death.

    Read her remarks


    18 May 2024 Jenny Sinclair @T4CG will guide us through the context and challenges that face us in responding to God’s call, and the things we can do in our communities to build one another up in relationship and live for the common good


    Jenny and Al spoke to @johnvs7 in the latest episode of the Leaving Egypt podcast about a “church without walls''.

    Join the #LeavingEgypt community on Substack or listen where ever you usually get your podcasts


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