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GoodwinMJGoodwinMJ1 week ago

"The great need is for a new democratic pluralism that incorporates the excluded & empowers the powerless. Today’s angry voters do not need handouts or diversionary culture wars. They need power & respect" -Michael Lind (his new book ...

Fox_ClaireFox_Claire1 week ago

Oh no. I'm devastated. I'd hoped he'd fought C off, as he fought off so many of his foes for decades. Roger Scruton was so good to me over years, regardless of our political differences. I loved his mind, his writing, his humour. He taug...

Phillip_BlondPhillip_Blond3 weeks ago

To be fair at the end of this decade I can say it went pretty much as I argued it would in Red Tory published in 2010 - right culturally, left economically: a double repudiation of both economic and social liberalism

GoodwinMJGoodwinMJ4 weeks ago

"Many millions of people thought of us as condescending & duplicitous when we thought they were stupid and ignorant. It is no wonder that the marriage is over ... It is us and not them who need to be forgiven" -Maurice Glasman

PaulEmberyPaulEmbery4 weeks ago

This analysis from is bang on, and should be compulsory viewing for every Labour activist. It is precisely what a small number of us in the party have been arguing for the a long time. But we were ignored and derided by people...

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