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FOCUS ON: the Politics of Grace and Place

  • As we move into the new era, churches are called to fulfil a covenantal civic role
  • Read our letter, The Politics of Grace and Place
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What’s happening in the Common Good world:


“Let’s be clear about something. I’m done playing. I think is done playing. I’m waging full scale ideological warfare on the enemies of western civilization. —- on The Woke Reformation. Today’...


Disney went from this making this preposterous defense statement to nuking their critical race theory program in less than 24 hours. Corporate DEI is a scam—it's used to launder corporate reputations and divide Americans into...


Well said . I spoke on a platform with Paul. His contribution was better than mine or anyone else’s. I said to him you have to be a Labour MP. I ask myself now whether the Party would select a leave voting firefighter. It’...


If a university professor now questions the very existence of "systemic racism" in Canada in a blog post students can request they may be punished very severely. Pay attention. All this is coming your way.

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