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Shaking Hands

FOCUS ON: Let's Continue to Build Community

  • Our new 4 session guide helps local groups build on the community spirit that emerged during lockdown.
  • During the crisis, you probably connected with many people and organisations in your neighbourhood. Why not gather a group to take that energy forward?
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What’s happening in the Common Good world:

JohnHMcWhorterJohnHMcWhorter21 hours ago

Just what is this “Critical Race Theory” that has jumped the rails and snagged the cognitive functioning of so many people this year? And what can we put in its place? Attend this discussion to get genuinely woke.

janetthornejanetthorne1 day ago

Glad to see value of civil society & volunteering recognised in Kruger report, esp in context of plural, local approaches, but Volunteer Passport idea is a bad idea. A centralised, one-size approach is strangely at odds with this framing...

T4CGT4CG1 day ago

This report by draws on a deep well of community wisdom. Great to see at its heart, defined as "the mutual commitment by citizens, civil society and the state, each to fulfil their discrete responsibilities and t...

betterwaynetwrkbetterwaynetwrk1 day ago

Good to see 's report and its endorsement (as you would expect from one of our founding members) of the power of connnection and community, the need to transfer more power and wealth to communities and give people more infl...

wotsnetwotsnet2 days ago

At a Loss - bereavement support. A coalition of Christian organisations has developed resources to help the Church support the bereaved. Especially important due to Covid-19 and the large number of people who are, and will be, seeking he...

T4CGT4CG5 days ago

In his new book argues that creates hubris among winners and generates humiliation among losers. It “..banishes all sense of gift or grace..diminishes our capacity to see ourselves as sharing a common fate....

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