Webinar: Renewing the Covenant



Building on our webinar Preparing for a New Chapter: Revitalising the Christian Imagination for the Sake of the Common Good, in September 2020 Jenny Sinclair co-hosted and convened a second webinar, Renewing the Covenant: Churches and the Building of Local Relationships which was published with a letter calling the churches to build local relationships. It gathered church leaders from across North America and Europe and was the result of a need to name the grief that we can see, and to acknowledge a deeper sense of despair about our culture. A society based on contract is unlikely to see us through in the new era we find ourselves in. However, covenant offers an alternative and transformational story.

These webinars and the three letters to the churches accompanying them were generated from weekly trans-Atlantic calls with our friends at the Journal of Missional Practice and The Common Good Foundation.


The webinar was co-hosted by Jenny Sinclair Founder and Director of Together for the Common Good and Martin Robinson Co-Founder of the Journal of Missional Practice and Founder of ForMission, with contributions from:

  • Maurice Glasman | Labour Peer in the UK Parliament, Director of the Common Good Foundation and founder of Blue Labour
  • Alan Roxburgh | Co-Founder of the Journal of Missional Practice and Founder of The Missional Network
  • Fred Liggin IV | Pastor with Williamsburg Christian Church, Founder and President of 3e Restoration, Inc.
  • Sara Jane R Walker | Co-Founder of the Journal of Missional Practice and President for The Missional Network
  • William Taylor | Vicar of St Thomas Clapton in Hackney and co-founder of Clapton Commons

A helpful summary of the webinar is provided here.

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