Put relationships first

Why not start a Common Good conversation in your church, community or workplace? Intentionally invite people from different backgrounds, classes and political opinions. Together, focus on what people in your neighbourhood want. Instead of rushing to action, always build relationship first. Explore some of our suggestions and resources below.


Meet one-to-one

Relationship is the cornerstone of the Common Good. Make sure you have a one to one conversation at least once a week with someone you don't know. Get to know people whose opinion, class, background or tradition is different from yours. Use our simple guide to get started. 


Start with a prompt

Why not use a video or podcast as a stimulus for discussion with friends, in your team or group? Explore our Watch and Listen section for inspiration.


Host a workshop

Our one-day Common Good training workshop is designed to lead to positive action in your community. Could you gather a group of 12-20 people and be the host? Find out how to get started.


Use our Common Good checklist

How 'Common Good' do you think your current activities are? Use our Checklist to review what you are doing, in your church, team or workplace. Guaranteed to spark a lively discussion and lead to positive changes!


Start with our bible study

Meet for a shared meal, beginning with a chapter from our pocket-sized Bible Study to kick off a thoughtful discussion. Or, why not work through one of the six chapters each week in your prayer group or team meeting?


Hold a public conversation

Want a bigger discussion with lots of people? From time to time T4CG holds public debates in partnership, so if you want to suggest an idea, please get in touch.  Take a look at our previous events for some inspiration. 

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Tell us your story

We would love to hear your story. By sharing it with us, you will help others in their Common Good approaches too. 

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