Ukraine: resources & articles


On this page you will find links to resources for churches responding to the Ukraine crisis plus a selection of articles providing some analysis for those who want to go beyond general news output. Last updated: Holy Week, 2022.

Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain website packed with practical resources

UK Government Factsheet for Ukrainians

Reset Homes for Ukraine, toolkits for community sponsors and Local Authorities

NACCOM Hosting Good Practice Guide

International Federation of Red Cross Psychosocial First Aid

Trauma Healing Institute Helping people with trauma after a disaster (I)

Frank Cole Helping people with trauma after a disaster (II)

Dr Kate Middleton Talking to Young People About War

Caritas Social Action Network resource page for Catholic churches and Catholic parish community sponsorship of refugees

Church of England parish toolkit and resources for churches

Methodist Church of Great Britain toolkit for churches

Evangelical Alliance prayer and action points resource

Caritas Ukraine contact details and updates

Caritas Poland contact details and updates

Articles for context

Historical roots and Russian mindset

Jeff Fountain the religious and historical roots of Putin’s messianic pretensions

Marlene Laruelle it is a mistake to demonise everything that is Russian

Professor Olga Chyzh why do so many Russian speakers support Putin?

Jason Stanley and Eliyahu Stern Kremlin’s fascist ideology

Anatolii Babynskyi Ukrainian Orthodox priests say split from Kirill is inevitable

Farmer Kozyreva Townsley clergy want to break from Russian Orthodox Church

Public Orthodoxy A Declaration on the “Russian World” (Russkii mir) Teaching

Giles Fraser Putin’s Spiritual Destiny

Religion Media Centre Factsheet on Russia and the Orthodox Church

Ben Ryan How the Orthodox Church shapes Putin’s politics

Western response

NS Lyons China, Ukraine & The Western Soul

Konstantin Kisin stop using comfort blanket narratives like calling Putin Hitler

Jeff Fountain start working on forgiveness and reconciliation now

Ayan Hirsi Ali beware the narrative of good vs evil – it can hide hard truths

Adam Tooze Putin’s invasion may not lead to a new world order but an era of compromise

Piotr Gliński Polish Deputy Prime Minister why the EU is too decadent to fight Putin

Jacob Reynolds How Home Office bureaucracy betrayed by Ukrainian family


Jeff Fountain interview with Yuriy Kulakevych, Pentecostal pastor in Kyiv

Ed Cumming the iron will of the railway workers keeping Ukraine running

Yanis Varoufakis Ukraine cannot win this war

Aris Roussinos Russia has empowered dangerous factions in Zelenskyy’s army

Sergiy Osachuk The view from Ukraine: world war three has already started

Mostafa Rachwani Why Boris was gifted a ceramic cockerel on his visit to Ukraine

Russian army

Katherine Bayford hierarchical brutalising “hazing” practice in the Russian army

Mike Whitney The Pullback From Kiev Is Russian Escalation

Luke Harding Ed Pilkington Moscow promotes war chief who led troops in Syria for Donbas

Alexey Zhabin Russian conscripts subject to beatings, bullying, inducement to suicide