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Explore the possibilities

T4CG grows not by centralising power to itself but by resourcing others and through many partnerships. Whether you are involved in a church, a school, a diocese or an organisation there are ways to partner with us. To see what is right for you, please get in touch.


Empower your congregation

Build the capacity of your church community or a group of churches by following our Common Good Journey. If you can gather a group of 12-20 people across different backgrounds and opinions we'd love to hear from you. Contact us to find out more.


Be a Common Good School

Help your young people prepare for an uncertain future by running our 10-week Common Good Schools programme in your school. If you are a chaplain, school governor, a member of RE staff or a member of the SLT, click to see our introductory presentation, then get in touch to arrange an initial chat on the phone.


Sponsor T4CG

T4CG's workstreams offer a range of creative profile-raising opportunities for ethical and values-led companies. You may be able to reach audiences aligned with your values through association with us. Please get in touch to discuss and explore what could work for you. 


Convene a debate

T4CG holds public debates from time to time, always in partnership. If you would like to propose an event, please get in touch. For this to be viable for us, you would need to provide the venue, organising admin and an audience of 50 or more. We'd love to hear from you.