resourcing you to build the common good

What does Christian leadership for the Common Good look like? How can churches fulfil their unique civic role?

Whether you are a priest, vicar, pastor, deacon, religious brother or sister, a leader in a diocese or Christian organisation, a bishop, a chaplain or a lay minister, you are in a unique position to encourage and equip others. As the fallout of the pandemic hits our communities, the practice of the Common Good will be needed more than ever. All the resources on this site will help to build your capacity and most are free. We warmly invite you to use what you need. Here's a selection to explore:

  • Read our letter The Plague and the Parish: An Invitation to the Churches
  • Watch our webinar Preparing for a New Chapter: Revitalising Christian Imagination for the Sake of the Common Good
  • Contact us to arrange a Common Good session tailored for your context
  • Get together with your neighbours of all faiths and none using our four sessions Let's Continue to Build Community 
  • Learn from community organising experts about power, the Common Good and the civic role of the church 
  • Get to know people in your area using our one-to-one conversation guide
  • Encourage your congregation or team to build local relationships by hosting our Here: Now: Us People workshop
  • Explore what Leading Thinkers have to say about the theology and practice of the Common Good  
  • Equip young people for an uncertain future with our Common Good Schools resource 
  • Use our Scripture-based Common Good prayers, resources and bible studies
  • Draw on our Stories for examples of the Common Good in practice

We are currently seeking funding to develop an accredited MA Pathway in Common Good Christian Leadership. We plan to launch this in 2022. To register your interest, please get in touch. 

We are a small charity entirely dependent on donations, so if you use our resources please make a donation to our work here.