The Ethics of Common Good


T4CG took part in a conversation at The Good Summit in mid October 2020 along with friends from the Common Good Foundation and The Missional Network.

The Good Summit held its latest annual event in mid October, featuring a panel conversation convened by Co-Founder Jools Hamilton. Jools invited Canadian author Alan Roxburgh, co-founder of The Missional Network, Lord Maurice Glasman, Director of the The Common Good Foundation and Founder of Blue Labour, and Jenny Sinclair, Director of T4CG.

The panel discussed the ethics of the Common Good and how this approach can address the damaging consequences of western consumer capitalism.

Jools’s aim for this conversation was to explore the realities of modern western life, to ask questions around the values of goodness and to discuss what practices and habits of positive transformation can lead us forward into a new imagination of our economic system, work and shared life.

Alan, Maurice and Jenny have been engaged in an ongoing working relationship exploring the role of the churches in the new era. Their partnership has generated a number of creative offerings including Renewing the Covenant: Churches and the Building of Local Relationships.

The Good Summit was co-founded at Trinity College Dublin in 2014 by Amr Dawood, a leader in the Trinity Muslim society, and the Methodist Chaplain, Julian (Jools) Hamilton. Now in its third year, the summit aims to help people form habits and working practices – whether in education, government, NGO, charity, religious or community activism – that help to make the world a more just and fair place for all.

You can watch the conversation with Jools, Jenny, Maurice and Alan by clicking the image below.

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