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From “Me” to “We”

What is the impact of individualistic culture on service and justice, and how does this affect how we think about social action?…
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The Italian Connection

A group of Italian school children come to Liverpool and every aspect of their visit was the result of friendship…
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Queen Elizabeth and the Common Good

A free resource to inspire young people to follow the example of Queen Elizabeth, to value relationships and take responsibility in the community…
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Taking responsibility, finding purpose

How does our Common Good Schools programme prepare young people to take responsibility for the Common Good in their community?…
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Common Good Schools: Pentecost 2023

how a school filled with the Holy Spirit can initiate renewal in its neighbourhood, drawing students into relationship with members of the local community…
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Common Good Schools: Easter 2023

The importance of relationships in building common good requires a wider understanding of diversity, as Jo Stow reports…
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Common Good Schools: Lent 23

Trends show a sharp decline in social trust among young people. Our Common Good Schools is an antidote, as Jo Stow reports…
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Common Good Schools: Dec 2022

Our Common Good Schools Project Leader, Jo Stow reports on a young people thriving using our SEN resources…
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Common Good Schools: June 2022

Meet our Common Good Schools Project Leader, Jo Stow and hear her vision for schools becoming hubs in their communities…
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Society and Catholic tradition

Jenny Sinclair outlines the impact of Catholic education on civil society in a panel discussion hosted by The Tablet…