Involve your church

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The potential of people across the churches to help to strengthen social trust is vast but still largely untapped. The links below offer capacity building resources to enable your church to make a stronger contribution in the life of your neighbourhood.


Build capacity

Equip your church to help build community and strengthen social trust by hosting a Common Good training workshop for a group of twenty people.


Reach out to your community

During lockdown, you probably connected with many people and organisations across your community. Why not gather a group to take that energy forward? Use our 4 session Guide: LET'S CONTINUE TO BUILD COMMUNITY

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Use our Common Good checklist

How well do you think your church activities measure up to the Common Good?  With your team, review what you are doing using our checklist.


Try our bible study

Inspire your congregation, prayer group or team meeting with a deeper understanding of the Common Good. Our pocket sized Bible Study will prompt discussion and action and help to strengthen a sense of mission. 


Story telling

Choose a story from our collection of Common Good stories to kick start discussion in your church.