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June 2020

Climate Courage for the 2020s

Climate Courage for the 2020s: Operation Noah AGM and Supporters' Day 2020. A day with a choice of workshops on fossil fuel divestment, Climate Sunday, and preparing for activism aimed at COP26. Keynote speaker: David Pickering, Moderator of the United Reformed Church National Synod of Scotland will share key insights on the Churches' preparation for COP26 in Glasgow. Venue: FCJ Spirituality Centre, London. ...
06 Jun
10:30 am - 4:00 pm

Social Reformers Summer School

The theme of this year's Social Reformers Summer School is Family in a changing world. Family is the essential unit of society but it doesn’t belong to the politically left or right. Instead a biblical perspective offers sharp challenges to both extreme individualism and a sacralising of the ‘nuclear’ model of family. This affects public policy, the decisions we make as communities and churches, and the choices made by families themselves. This is hosted by the Jubilee Centre for Christians aged 18-40 who want to see the gospel have a lasting impact on society’s institutions and values. At Westminster College, Cambridge. ...
18 Jun - 21 Jun
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