Tell each other the truth

Ephesians 4:25

In these times God seems determined that we should tell one another the truth and dissolve our self-deceptions about the kind of world we have allowed to develop. A time of geo-political turbulence offers such an opportunity: for honesty, for each of us to make an examination of conscience; to investigate what models of human identity we have been working with; to listen to those whose experiences are different from ours.

The divides are not new, but they have now been exposed unambiguously. Whether we like it or not 'we all belong to each other.'  Whatever happens in the coming months we would do well to remember the person of Jesus and the people he gathers called the church. What is needed is a people capable of listening, and capable of telling the truth, with a narrative deeper and more mature than the story shaped by the politics of the day.

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