“And when he drew near and saw the city, he wept over it, saying, if you only knew today what is needed for shalom!

(Luke 19:41-48)

When events overtake the ability of governments to cope, people of goodwill need to step up. Our values of love, community and relationships are more relevant now than ever to build a social peace.

What will the church be known for – rituals or relationships? Serving our own interests or building bridges?

We have a responsibility to mix with those our own crowd rejects, to listen to, to suffer with. To build relationships where there is suspicion and mistrust.

The term Shalom has a rich meaning in Hebrew: it means completeness, soundness, welfare, peace. 

Holy Week is a time to contemplate the beauty and tragedy of our world, celebrate, weep, and repent of our own indifference. Then, ask for the grace to understand 'what is needed for shalom' and take steps to put it into practice.

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