People Matter More Than Things

People Matter More Than Things

As we reflect on God becoming man in the person of Jesus Christ, we are thinking about the incarnation.

As a person, Jesus showed us not only how to live but also revealed to us what it means to be human.

This transformational revelation demands much from us. How are we to live in a culture where a proper understanding of human identity has become dislocated? 

How are we to respond when people are commodified, relationships instrumentalised, community and tradition undermined, when rights are weaponised, when indifference eclipses mutual obligation, and when technocratic approaches override the need for conscience? 

When a society loses touch with the value of the human being, people experience a loss of meaning. No wonder there is confusion, dissatisfaction with governments and loss of trust. 

These may be dark times but we want to highlight signs of hope. In this Christmas and New Year season, we want to affirm ideas, words and actions which uphold that people matter more than things.

Reasserting the dignity and relational nature of human beings is a prerequisite for building the Common Good. 

Jenny Sinclair

Director, T4CG

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