Looking Forward

Looking Forward

The world is full of information. There are statistics, news stories, documentaries, adverts, and opinion pieces everywhere. We can get lost in all this detail. It can seem impossible to form a concrete view because every alternative seems pitched against each other. Yet, we cannot just disengage, we have to enter the “world of information”, especially if we have our own message worth giving. What it is important to note, however, is that to put out soundbites or to write our views in short, punchy ways is not in itself enough if we really believe the message we are delivering.

Our message is about the Common Good. This is something that has to be experienced, to be lived. It is discovered in relationships – in meeting real people.  What, therefore, is the blog for?

The hope for the months ahead is that this blog will provide short, engaging snapshots of what the Common Good looks like in practice. In a world overwhelmed with information, these examples may provide an invitation to pause and reflect on what the Common Good is all about. If they are read and forgotten that is fine (we all have busy lives). Now and then though, perhaps, a reader will be challenged and drawn into reflect on what action they might take, or change they might make in their lives.  Perhaps they will see the Common Good at work and in turn encounter the Good News from which it springs. Perhaps a regular reader will feel prompted to share something that has touched them.

In the months ahead there will various different sorts of post. There will be some examples of the Common Good in action, an exploration on the subjects of loneliness and poverty, and there will be more abstract reflections, such as the effect of social media on the way we relate to each other. The posts will come from different authors from different walks of life. Please let us know what you think and if there are subjects you would like to see in the future that you think would be engaging, useful, and inspirational – be in touch!

William Kent

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