Becoming human

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1.14)

In the Christmas season, as we celebrate God becoming human in the person of Jesus Christ, we are thinking about how this great mystery infiltrates our life and work. In the incarnation, God not only shows us how to live but also reveals the union between the divine and the human person. But as events unfolding show, our notion of human identity has become dislocated: we have commodified nature and people, instrumentalised our relationships, and allowed technocratic systems to compromise our inner conscience.

We find ourselves in a season of geopolitical change; people are confused, looking for ways through. Tribal responses are making social fractures worse and the old political orthodoxies are breaking down. However, we believe the Common Good offers a way through that is deeply human, rooted in relationship, and is intensely practical and transformative.

In our last newsletter, Tell each other the truth, we explored the importance of listening to and learning from people with different views and life experiences to build a common life. This edition continues that theme, and celebrates how the Spirit is working so creatively through so many people across the Christian traditions and beyond, to transform society.

This is from our newsletter of 17 December 2016. To read more click here...

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