A politics of hope

As social and political confusion reigns, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explains what's going on, and explores how we as people of faith can respond.

In this little six minute video Rabbi Sacks examines why societies in Europe and America have become divided, with a growing divide between left and right that has seen a rise in populist parties, extremes at both ends of the political spectrum and the centre ground being abandoned.

This is what he calls "the politics of anger". He explains why this has happened and what we can do to create a different kind of politics: "a politics of hope".

He explains the relationship between society, the market and the state, and the crucial role of civil society institutions. 

He argues that if we shift from the social contract (managerial) to a social covenant (relational), we will defeat the politics of anger and restore the politics of hope. 

Rabbi Sacks lays out how we can build a common life together, how we are bound by bonds that go deeper than self interest and how we are collectively responsible for the Common Good. 

More from Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks can be found on www.rabbisacks.org

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