Common Good Schools programme

How can we prepare young people to cope with an uncertain future? 

Without a sense of mutual responsibility for the Common Good, society begins to fracture and fragment. We are beginning to see this happening in the form of social division and political extremism. 

A school rooted in its community can be a force for the Common Good

Our new, unique 10-week Common Good Schools programme encourages young people to take personal responsibility and put the principles of Common Good thinking into practice, respecting the dignity of each human being, contributing to positive social relationships, demonstrating stewardship and valuing community. 

Designed for KS3&4, the programme includes a set of ten assemblies, ten lesson plans, student worksheets, powerpoint presentations and a community engagement guide. The components are designed to enhance character education by encouraging independence of thought and an understanding of humanity that enables young people to discern their unique vocation in relationship with others, and to foster greater community engagement and pride at a local level.

We are delighted to be partnering with St John Bosco College in Battersea, London, who are trialling the resources during the autumn of 2018. 

To find out more about how your school can get involved, please get in touch with Bryony Wells,T4CG's Training and Events Co-ordinator at: bryony [at]

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