Together for the Common Good is a movement bringing the principle of the Common Good alive. We are ecumenical, non partisan, and independent of any institution or religious denomination. Registered Charity No. 1172113.

Our people

Our Trustees: Richard Holman (Treasurer), Andrew Bradstock, Hilary Russell, Alison Gelder, Helen O’Brien, Nick Deeming, Geoff Knott and Holly Terry (Company Secretary).  Our founder director is Jenny Sinclair and our assistant is Bryony Wells. More detail including biographies will be posted here soon.

Who we help

Our country is going through turbulent times, with increasing polarisation, social fragmentation, and too many communities left behind. People across the churches are well placed to be part of the solution and strengthen civil society - in community, the workplace, in relationships, in business and in numerous other ways. Many are already making a significant contribution but our experience shows there is far greater potential. We believe that by strengthening their capacity with Common Good Thinking, the likelihood of social transformation is greatly increased.

So far, we know our work helps the following groups put the Common Good into practice: lay people, clergy and religious from across the Christian traditions, including teachers, volunteers, students, parishioners, social entrepreneurs, social action practitioners, policy makers, CEOs and community leaders, MPs, peers, theologians and friends from fellow faith communities and non-religious organisations.

Our objectives

We aim to strengthen civil society in the following ways:

  1. Engage intentionally in an ecumenical context and with a collaborative and relational approach, rooted in the Sheppard/Worlock tradition with its proven impact on communities and society

  2. Build civic capacity through the people of the church by influencing, resourcing and equipping those who can make a positive impact through their work in, for example, churches, communities, education, business, civil society or public service

  3. Encourage, support and assist people and organisations to be effective in their own common good initiatives which are within T4CG fields of action and within T4CG ethos

  4. Build strategic relationships and partnerships; effect introductions; and engage in networking between Christians of different traditions, fellow faith communities and secular allies, to promote T4CG thinking and practice

  5. Bring alive the principles and practice of the common good to a wide audience and demonstrate how it might be applied

Our work

We aim to bring the principle of the common good alive in a range of creative ways, and support others to do so too. We enable people to learn about the Common Good through online and printed resources, events, outreach, local and strategic partnerships, and soon, through our new training days. We nourish the growing T4CG community through our unique e-newsletter, which gives a regular helicopter view of activity for the common good across the Christian traditions. 

Our work is extremely cost effective: our staff of two is boosted by considerable pro bono support and help in kind. Our many partnerships enable us to punch above our weight.

Learn more about Our Vision, about Common Good Thinking, and explore more in Resources, Events, News. Please consider supporting our work.

Our inspiration

Together for the Common Good is inspired by the partnership between the late Archbishop Derek Worlock and Bishop David Sheppard in Liverpool a generation ago. We draw from their experience, taking this ecumenical legacy forward in a range of creative ways, now not only for church leaders but for all the people of the church, especially lay people. They put the flourishing of people and community first, and together with their Free Church partners, clergy and laity, they worked with communities, local groups, civic leaders and business to strengthen civil society.  Although they belonged to different traditions, their leadership and joint commitment to an outward-facing church enabled the city to overcome sectarian divisions and build a stronger civic future. Like them, we are open to the Holy Spirit and to learning from each other.

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T4CG gratefully acknowledges help-in-kind and pro bono support from a wide range of people and partner organisations, too many to list here. Our sincere thanks go to the Sisters of Mercy of Great Britain for so kindly hosting us in their building.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the generous individuals who support us financially, and in particular the following organisations who have supported T4CG consistently over a number of years.