Our Vision is of a world being transformed as more people take responsibility for the common good and are committed to the flourishing of all.

Together for the Common Good is part of a movement building a new, broad coalition to re-imagine cultural, economic and civic life. We look forward to the churches, as people and as institutions, becoming more outward-facing and more conscious of their role as intermediate institutions within civil society.

In a culture which is increasingly fragmented, unequal and divided, we believe the Common Good is the recipe needed for a healthy civil society. It involves putting human dignity at the heart of economic, civic and cultural life. It means forming positive relationships, and proactively collaborating with people who are different or with whom we disagree in order to build a common life together.

We believe the Common Good is an ‘idea whose time has come’.

We work with individuals and groups who are open to bridge-building in neighbourhoods, parishes, the workplace, in organisations, in civic, economic and cultural life.

Our experience so far shows that this provides a sense of shared purpose for ordinary people of good will, helping them make a difference as part of their personal vocation and put their faith into action.  This can take many forms in many different spheres:
  • To re-humanise systems which have lost their soul, changing our working practices to build back the humanity into the way we support, the way we care, the way we educate;
  • To understand that as actors in different markets, we have the capacity to influence and effect system change and to re-shape the economy by smart financial choices in areas such as ethical investment, social investment, environmental responsibility and insistence on proper governance and social responsibility;
  • To reclaim responsibility, community and belonging by cultivating and building bridges between local organisations and recovering the confidence to draw on the resilience of communities, through and with each other in relationship, which has been lost through the takeover of local responsibilities by the State and Market and the insidious weakening of the sense of community.
Working with and across difference is not easy, nor cosy. We believe it is important that people are encouraged to speak and share the truth as they see and feel it. It requires honesty and negotiation. We encourage people to work together to do this, and to develop across and through their differences, a real and shared sense of “the common good” which can work for all if all take responsibility. 
In the coming months we will embark on a new phase to our work. Please check back here for announcements.