Working together across our differences for the Common Good

Together for the Common Good is a movement bringing the principle of the Common Good alive and drawing people together across their differences.

We believe the principle of the Common Good is an ‘idea whose time has come.’ In a culture increasingly fragmented, unequal and divided, it offers a way forward in which everyone can play a role. But so long as it is little known, misunderstood or misapplied, its transformational power cannot be released.

The Common Good involves putting human dignity at the heart of our decision-making. It means forming positive relationships, and proactively collaborating with people who are different or with whom we disagree, in order to build a common life together.  Click here to find out about Common Good Thinking.

In this way, we can re-humanise systems that have lost their soul, strengthen community and local institutions, create a fairer economy and work for a balance of interests between groups who are estranged. We believe that the Common Good offers an approach that transcends tribal lines and encourages everyone to take responsibility, from the grassroots to the boardroom.  For more about our vision click here.

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