Upcoming T4CG events

State, Society and the Common Good

We are delighted to announce a new series of public debates over 2018-2019. 

The State can enable the Common Good but it can also work against it: how can Christian social teaching help us judge where to draw the line to maximise human flourishing? 

Special guest speakers will help us address this question through three topical areas on the following dates:

2 July 2018 - The role of the State and Migration;

8 November 2018 - The role of the State and Church and Community;

7 March 2019 - The role of the State and The Family.

All three evening debates will be held at the Church of St Mary's Putney, home of the historic 1647 Putney Debates.

This series is being prepared in partnership between Together for the Common Good, the think tank Theos and the Benedict XVI Centre, St Mary's University. 

More information coming soon: check back here for booking, updates and announcements of guest speakers.

A note to our friends outside London: T4CG operates on a shoestring and our capacity to run events is extremely limited. Working in partnership makes it possible to offer these events. Capacity permitting, we are always open to discussing possibilities with partners further afield. Video of the content will be made available afterwards thanks to sponsorship by CCLA. 

Please also keep an eye on our newsletter and explore our previous events where you will find videos and podcasts. For our events listings page with details of our friends and partners events, click here.