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29.6.2017 CCR.org.uk

Fleur Dorrell reviews Calling all people of Goodwill for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal website.  Exploring the Common Good as our 'Call to Action'  Calling People of Goodwill: The Bible and the Common Good helps churches create unity and community and this ecumenical and discussion-based parish resource ensures that common good principles are available to many more people.  Read the full article here. 


1.6.2017 Reform Magazine

Both Jenny Sinclair of T4CG, and Fleur Dorrell of Bible Society, feature in the June 2017 edition of Reform Magazine, in connection with our new bible study booklet, 'Calling People of Goodwill'. They were asked to contribute to the regular feature: 'A Good Question'. This month, the question is: How can we promote the common good? Click here to read the full article. The URC (United Reformed Church) is one of the partners at the Greenbelt Festival this year, which has chosen 'the Common Good' as its theme.

7.5.2017 Religion News Service

In an article in the US-based Religion News Service, Catherine Pepinster, former editor of The Tablet, interprets the forces at play in the run up to the UK General Election for an American audience. Her article, how the British developed a taste for religion in politics, was based on interviews with Jenny Sinclair, founder of Together for the Common Good, Nick Spencer, Research Director at Theos and Lord Peter Hennessy.

26.4.2017 Christian Today

Fleur Dorrell, scripture development co-ordinator at Bible Societywrites for Christian Today on How the Bible helps work for the Common Good based on 'Calling all people of Goodwill: The Bible and the Common Good.'  This pocketbook points us to the important reminder that we should  "pray that we find common ground between neighbours and nations, in the classroom and in the boardroom, at the altar and on the bus." and "shift the focus from 'I,' to 'we', to 'us', in our encounters. We do not exist in isolation but in relation to each other. We flourish together or not at all."  

25.4.2017 Evangelical Alliance

Fleur Dorrell, scripture development co-ordinator at Bible Societywrites for the Evangelical Alliance blog on Calling people of goodwill: the Bible and the Common Good, a new booklet exploring how the principles of the common good are seen throughout the scriptures, this little book aims to build the capacity of the laity and help churches develop in their mission to build unity and serve their communities. Unity was modelled throughout the production of the publication, as it was created in partnership with Together for the Common Good and in association with Jesuits in Britain and Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics. 

12.4.2017 Liverpool Echo

Alsop High School’s "Hope 2016: working together for the common good” initiative has been shortlisted in the Times Educational Supplement (TES) School’s Award, in the Community Impact category. The school has worked closely with Jenny Sinclair, Director of Together for the Common Good, to develop both HOPE 2016 and FAITH 2017. She said: “We believe that a school rooted in its community can be a force for the common good: Alsop High have shown how this can work.” FAITH 2017 is now building upon the success of HOPE 2016. Read the full article in the Liverpool Echo.

8.4.2017 The Tablet

In 'Rebuilding the Broken Body', the lead feature article of the 8 April edition of The Tablet, Jenny Sinclair, founder director of Together for the Common Good, argues: “This moment of political turmoil is an opportunity. The old orthodoxies of left and right have been in decline for some time. A new settlement is being formed, and if it is not founded on relationships between groups currently so estranged, our democracy will remain in crisis. The Church, with its social teachings, could be a blessing to our national community in this great task: the common good, correctly understood is never partisan or sectarian." To read the full article, click here. 

17.2.17 Jewish Telegraph

Together for the Common Good is proud to be a partner in FAITH 2017: working together for the common good. Pictured here in this article in The Jewish Telegraph is Peter Bull (Head of RE at Alsop High School and coordinator of the initiative) with partners Councillor Jeremy Woolfson and Sara Radivan, representing the Jewish community, along with Cathi Wareing, Fr Daniel Howard and others from Catholic and Anglican schools and churches. They are working together to deliver a five month series of events, workshops and talks involving local people and school children in Liverpool.

28.1.17 Diocese of Arundel and Brighton

The Diocese of Arundel and Brighton's Annual Justice & Peace Assembly brought together people from across the diocese for a day themed ‘Am I Good Neighbour?’ – Globalisation and the Fair Society. Podcasts of the two keynote talks can be found on soundcloud here: in session one you will find the first keynote by Fr Augusto Zampini Davies, Theological Adviser to CAFOD, who focused on Laudato Si’, the encyclical by Pope Francis on integral ecology, while in session two you will find the second keynote by Jenny Sinclair, Founder and Director of Together for the Common Good, who spoke about what it takes to be a Good Neighbour in a time of polarisation and division. Download Jenny's keynote here and watch a video of her talk here.

15.12.16 Las Casas Institute YouTube

The Dominican Las Casas Institute held a conference, 'Truth Telling & Politics', on December 3, 2016 at the University of Oxford's Said Business School, with keynotes from Lord Chris Patten, Annelise Dodds MEP, Sam Burke OP, Lord Shinkwin, and Jenny Sinclair, founder director of Together for the Common Good. Click here to watch a video of Jenny's talk 'For Our Common Good, Tell Each Other the Truth'. Click here to download the text. 

9.12.16 The Universe

Read here in the regular column by John Battle in the Universe newspaper about 'Truth Telling in Politics', an event held by the Las Casas Institute, Oxford. He mentions the keynotes by Lord Patten of Barnes, Anneliese Dodds MEP and Jenny Sinclair, Director of Together for the Common Good.

8.12.16 The Tablet

“People do not care much for the truth anymore” said Lord Patten of Barnes, Chancellor of Oxford University, at a conference on ’Truth Telling in Politics’ on 3 December 2016. Catherine Pepinster, writing about the conference in The Tablet, added, “but Jenny Sinclair, founder-director of Together for the Common Good, argued that for too long communities with traditional views have been held in contempt and that for them, the dignity of work is fast becoming a memory”. The conference was organised  by the Las Casas Institute of Blackfriars, Oxford.  You can download Jenny's Keynote here

6.12.16 Blackfriars Alumni

William Kent writing for the Blackfriars Alumni commented on the recent Truth Telling in Politics conference at the Las Casas Institute.  Speaking of Jenny Sinclair he said it was "one of the most stimulating moments of the conference. Jenny began by stating that 'post-Truth' is an arrogant term and one that devalues the experience of 'Truth' felt by many who have experienced great isolation and insecurity. She argued that dismissing the views of many as 'unenlightened' closed down conversation. This alternative interpretation of Brexit cultivated discussion points that while at times, perhaps, were uncomfortable, were certainly very important." Read the full article here. 

2.12.16 Christian Today

Andy Walton, in an article titled The World Is In A Mess. The Common Good Offers A Way Out, says “The deeply reductive way we have measured our success as a country over the past few generations has come back to bite us. Economic growth might well be a necessary precondition of wider prosperity, but it has nothing to say about our wider social and emotional health. With this bleak environment as a backdrop, the idea of the 'common good' has begun to be talked about. A term which has been in use for hundreds of years, in the recent past a variety of thinkers have attempted to put flesh on the bones of what it might look like for the 21st century. They have turned to Christian theology. The idea of the common good has a strong history in Christian Social thought, from Augustine to Aquinas and into the modern era via Catholic Social Teaching. A good summary comes from the organisation Together For The Common Good whose website suggests the common good is, "the application of a set of simple principles which help to create the conditions in which everyone can flourish".

28.11.2016 Rachel Burgin’s Blog

"The Common Good is not a utopian ideal to be imposed by one enlightened group upon another: it needs to be built by us, working together across our differences. It requires people whose interests and circumstances are different, to encounter each other in relationship.” Jenny Sinclair, founder/director of Together for the Common Good, was speaking alongside Fr Michael Docherty and Lord Maurice Glasman at the Blue Labour conference in Manchester on 26 October 2016. The panel was chaired by Rachel Burgin, who has shared Jenny's text on her blog. Not being a member of a political party, Jenny was speaking as a friend of Blue Labour, and highlighted the areas the group may find in common with the churches, such as rooted communities, Catholic social teaching, reconciliation and the common good. Read Jenny's keynote here.

31.11.2016: Greenbelt Blog

Paul Northup, Creative Director of Greenbelt reflects in this blog on the reasons for choosing ’The Common Good’ as the theme for Greenbelt 2017: “As we have been immersing ourselves in the theme, we have been delighted to discover the  Together for the Common Good network. The common good will allow us to ask lots of questions: about civil society and the church; about the individual and the community; about participation and disenfranchisement; about the way we safeguard the future of the planet, our common home; about the fact that no-one is to be left behind. It reminds us again that if we want to go far, we must go together.” 

18.11.2016: Alsop High School blog

Alsop High School has won the prestigious WOW Educate Award in the North West for its HOPE 2016 community initiative. The regional education award was for their outstanding work to foster community cohesion and develop pride in the wider community of North Liverpool. The school worked closely with Jenny Sinclair, daughter of the late Bishop David Sheppard, and Director of Together for the Common Good to develop HOPE 2016. Jenny comments: "Alsop High thoroughly deserve the WOW award for Hope 2016. We believe that a school rooted in its community can be a force for the common good: Alsop High have shown how this can work."

Peter Bull, the driving force behind HOPE 2016, and Head of RE at Alsop High, is now making plans with a group of partners for their new initiative, FAITH 2017. Schools in North Liverpool have pledged to work together for the common good and encourage collaboration between people of different faiths and cultures. This faith based initiative will be delivered in partnership with Together for the Common Good, Liverpool SACRE, the Archbishop of York Youth Trust, Liverpool Diocese, churches of all denominations, fellow faith traditions and community groups. Read the full article here.

12.11.2016: Christians in Politics blog

Christians in PoliticsShow Up North Conference took place in Manchester in November 2016. The conference focused on questions such as the first steps to engage in politics, how to be a faithful Christian at the highest level of political life, and what does it look like to disagree well. T4CG’s Jenny Sinclair contributed via video about the Trinity and ways to bring the principles of the common good alive, while key speakers included Cllr Tanya Burch, Jonathan Reynolds MP, Dave Landrum and Michael WearFor more details click here.

29.10.2016: National Board for Catholic Women

Our director, Jenny Sinclair, was recently the guest speaker for the annual meeting of the National Board for Catholic Women: her keynote is available to read here.

11.10.2016: Independent Catholic News

Fr Séamus Finn OMI, Chair of the US-based Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, came to London on 6 October 2016 to speak at our public debate at St Michael's Cornhill on ethical investment and climate change. One of four speakers on the theme: 'Business, Markets and the Common Good: the Challenge of Laudato Si' he is a Catholic expert on socially responsible investing and his talk can be read here and there are videos here. The discussion was organised by Together For the Common Good in partnership with the Benedict XVI Centre at St Mary's University, Twickenham, and was supported by CCLA and Social Stock Exchange.

22.07.2016: Paul Donovan Blogspot

Paul Donovan has written on his blog 'Between the Lines' about the future for justice and peace at Parish level. He highlights the importance of education and formation in the social teachings of the Church and argues a need "for a new model of justice and peace formation" and for "some significant effort made to breath new life into this work at grass roots level."

He also quotes Jenny Sinclair's recent keynote address at the Justice and Peace Network where she reminded us “It’s time to climb out of our silos and see what else is going on – looking across sectors, and ecumenically – from parish to boardroom.”

22.07.2016: National Justice and Peace Network

The 38th annual National Justice and Peace Conference took place on 15-16 July 2016, with over 250 adults and young people attending. The theme was 'Justice, Power, Responsibility: How can democracy work for the common good?'  The conference planning group said "when we first met some 18 months ago we could not possibly have realised just how relevant the theme of the conference would be. When so many in our communities feel disenfranchised and disengaged from the political process we feel anger and frustration with our political system."

One of four keynote speakers, Jenny Sinclair, founder-director of Together for the Common Good, emphasised the role that an outward-facing Church can play to strengthen civil society, highlighting the special vocation of the laity to encourage relationships between estranged groups. She said "We must be clear where our centre of gravity lies - transcending party politics." To see Jenny's text and a video of the keynote, click here.

The NJPN Network is part of the international Catholic Justice and Peace movement, although NJPN in the UK is also ecumenical. Reports from the conference can be found at the NJPN website, here. 

17.07.2016: Independent Catholic News

Jenny Sinclair, founder and director of Together for the Common Good, called for the establishment of a relationship based model grounded in the common good. "After Brexit we need an examination of conscience " she said. "It's time to climb out of our silos and see what else is going on - looking across sectors, and ecumenically - from the parish to the boardroom" ..." The special role of the Church is to encourage relationships between estranged groups, she said. "We must be clear where our centre of gravity lies - transcending party politics."

To read ICN's full article on this year's NJPN conference, click here. To watch video of the keynote, click here.

11.07.2016: Liverpool Echo

Schools in North Liverpool have pledged to work together for the common good and encourage collaboration between people of different faiths and cultures. A faith-based initiative led by Alsop High School will be delivered during January - July, 2017 in partnership with Together for the Common Good, Liverpool SACRE, the Archbishop of York Youth Trust, Liverpool Diocese, primary and secondary schools, churches of all denominations, fellow faith traditions and community groups.

‘FAITH 2017: Working Together for the Common Good’ will see schools creatively engaging with students from partner primaries, secondary schools, local families and residents working together on social action projects in their neighbourhoods and generating shared learning experiences. Read the full article here.

8.7.2016: Jewish Telegraph

Councillor Jeremy Wolfson and Liverpool Jewish Community Activities co-ordinator Sara Radivan attended Faith 2017: Working Together for the Common Good's first meeting on Monday. Jenny Sinclair launched the Common Good Schools toolkit at Monday's event, chaired by Peter Bull, head of RE at Alsop High School.

The toolkit, which is being trialled in Liverpool, contains suggestions, ideas and tips, plus a section on the common good and the principles of 'common good thinking'. A further planning meeting is to be held in September. Representatives were also present from secondary and primary schools. The aim of Faith 2017 is to bring people of all faiths together, strengthen ties between the different communities and empower young people.

27.6.2016: National Justice and Peace Network

Asked what the churches can do to respond to the situation following the decision to leave the EU, one of the keynote speakers at the forthcoming NJPN conference, Jenny Sinclair of ‘Together for the Common Good’ said: “Our response can be around the potential of what churches and individual Christians can do (and are doing) on the ground to foster a culture of encounter." Read the full article here.  For more details of the NJPN annual conference on 15-17 July in Derbyshire click here. The conference also includes keynotes by Jon Cruddas MPPolly Jones of Global Justice Now and Takura Gwatiyanya of Caritas Harare, along with over 15 workshops and a marketplace.

10.6.2016: The Universe

'Pope Francis emphasises that ‘it is only mercy’ which can challenge the ‘globalised indifference’ that enables injustice and mercilessness to carry on. Catholic social teaching -‘the theology of the Holy Spirit in practice’, has the potential to help us build a more human world.... By introducing mercy into the equation, Pope Francis shows us that both market and state will always have a tendency to dehumanise unless they are tempered by a more human, healthy civil society. To download the full article, click hereJenny Sinclair, Founder of Together for the Common Good, writes in The Universe in advance of her keynote at the National Justice and Peace Network's annual conference (click for details and booking) on 15-17 July in Derbyshire. The conference also includes keynotes by Jon Cruddas MPPolly Jones of Global Justice Now and Takura Gwatiyanya of Caritas Harare, along with over 15 workshops and a marketplace. 

2.6.2016: Institute of Economic Affairs Blog

'A financial institution should be a common endeavour of owners and workers serving customers and, hence, wider society. A financial institution should look outwards towards the customers and society it services and not Canary-Wharf-wards to the regulators. We have hugely increased financial regulation over the last three decades. This did not stop the crash and, I believe, it has helped to make the financial sector more self-serving.' Professor Philip Booth writes on Finance and the Common Good on the Institute of Economic Affairs Blog. To read the full article, click here (no paywall).

This article is the text of a talk given at the debate ‘Is it possible to build a common good with money’ with Lord Glasman, held on 12 May 2016 at St Michael’s, Cornhill, City of London (videos and podcast available here) organised by Together for the Common Good.

26.5.2016: Church of England Newspaper

'The EU is an anxious, fragile, laborious, crisis-ridden and often dysfunctional entity. But in the interests of the British, European and global common good, we should stick with it for the long haul, argue hard and work patiently for a much better EU than we have at present. To pull out would be a failure of vision and nerve with potentially hugely damaging consequences for the world, for Europe and for Britain. As a Christian, I cannot countenance that.' Dr Jonathan Chaplin writes on Britain, the EU and the Common Good in the Church of England Newspaper. To read the full article, click here (no paywall).

This article is an abridged version of a talk given at ‘A Balance of Interests: Britain, the EU and the Common Good’ held on 11 May 2016 at St Michael’s, Cornhill, City of London (videos and podcast available here) organised in partnership between Together for the Common Good and The Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics where Jonathan is Director.

28.04.15 St Paul's Institute


Jenny Sinclair and Andrew Bradstock, both founding members of the T4CG Steering Group, express for the St. Paul's Institute the strangely unsatisfying experience of politics today in their article 'It doesn't have to be like this'.  They state "we want to hear more of is how parties and politicians will work together for the good of society; how, while acknowledging their differences, they will model a relational approach by committing to serving the greater good by talking openly with each other and seeking shared solutions to our major challenges.  For this to change would not require politicians to be unrealistic about their differences, but rather to acknowledge that 'the other' may also be driven by good motives and a genuine desire to serve the community. We want purposeful leadership that models mutual respect and provides a basis for a practical and 'mutual' approach to finding solutions." 

Spring 2016: Journal of Missional Practice

In this 14-minute video, Martin Robinson, Principal of ForMission College, interviews Anna Rowlands about her chapter on Catholic Social Teaching in T4CG's book of 13 essays, Together for the Common Good: Towards a National Conversation.

February 2016: Mercy and the common good: our responsibility

"In an increasingly fragmented, unequal and divided society like ours, there is nothing more important than the reconciliation of estranged interests for the Common Good." In an article in the February edition of the National Justice and Peace Network newsletter, T4CG's founder, Jenny Sinclair says it’s only mercy that can challenge the ‘globalised indifference’ that enables injustice and mercilessness to carry on. You can also read the text of Jenny's article on the NJPN website.

8.1.16 Common Good Thinking is in the ascendancy

In a blog for the Carnegie UK Trust, Steve Wyler says 'common good thinking is on the ascendency in many fields, and that new organisations such as Together for the Common Good, Economy for the Common Good, Blueprint for Better Business, and Commonweal have emerged recently, setting out a positive alternative in difficult and often dispiriting times.'   

2015 Celebrating collaboration

At T4CG we are always pleased to collaborate with our friends at CoVi (Common Vision) and were delighted that our shared vision and work together was noted in their 2015 yearbook.

10.12.15 Building Constructive Dialogue

In a blog for St Paul's Institute, Barbara Ridpath explores the aftermath of the 2008-9 financial crisis. In that context she draws attention to the growing demand for a public conversation about how to change the system, and groups T4CG with Red Tory and Blue Labour as voices that 'need to be heard'.

4.11.15 Working Together for the Common Good

In a blog for Church Action on Poverty (CAP), T4CG steering group member Hilary Russell shares a 'sheepish plug' for her book, A Faithful Presence.

31.10.15 To Change the World

The Fourth ACTA National Conference, 'To Change the World' in Leeds drew on two keynote speeches exploring Catholic social teaching and the common good. In 'Catholic Social Teaching – What is Justice?', Jon Cruddas MP focused on a notion of justice based on ethics and the common good, contrasting it with the limitations of distributive and libertarian approaches. In 'Practising the Common Good – Building Community', T4CG's Jenny Sinclair explored the role of the laity and how they can help to strengthen civil society through the application of Catholic social teaching.  ACTA (A Call to Action) is a growing network of Catholic laity established in 2013 currently standing at over 2,000 members. With some priests among the movement too, they are all inspired by the Second Vatican Council and want to encourage a greater role for the laity in the life of the church and promote a culture of openness and dialogue.

11.7.15 Good Investment: The Power of the Common Good

CCLA and Together for the Common Good co-hosted a fringe event at the Church of England's General Synod in York, on the connection between faith, mission, money and markets, with special guests Lord Maurice Glasman (Labour Peer and founder of Blue Labour) and Tim Montgomerie (Conservative commentator and founder of The Good Right). Introduced by T4CG's founder, Jenny Sinclair, the discussion was chaired by Malcolm Brown (Director of the Mission and Public Affairs Division at the C of E). Read more and watch videos of both keynotes here.

16.6.15 Towards a national conversation

Together for the Common Good - a debate inspired by the T4CG book was held at the University of Winchester. Chaired by Bishop Tim Dakin, the event included three of the book's contributors - Professor Andrew Bradstock, Lord Brian Griffiths and Tehmina Kazi - as well as two 'critical friends' - Dr Dave Landum of the Evangelical Alliance and Jenny Sinclair of T4CG. Hosted by TRiPL, the new research centre Theology and Religion in Public Life, the event attracted over a hundred local people and prompted lively debate. Read a report of the event here.

10.6.15 Launch of Economy for the Common Good

Economy for the Common Good was launched at the Globbal Governance Institute by its founder, Christian Felber, the author of Change Everything. The event's panel included Ed Mayo (Co-operatives UK), Diego Isabel (Economy for the Common Good) and Jenny Sinclair (T4CG).  

20.5.15 25th Catholic Charity Conference

Good Investment and the power of the common good was the theme of the last session of the 25th Catholic Charity Conference where Jenny Sinclair, Founder of Together for the Common Good, was the final guest speaker. She said: 'The choices we make and actions we take will help to build back the human connectedness that has been lost. This includes re-thinking the meaning of charity.' She challenged the conference to see how ‘the church can be part of the solution, rather than be seen as part of the problem.' Download the text of her speech here, and accompanying slides here.

12.5.15 Vatican Radio

'A religiously inspired project like T4CG can encourage people to listen to one another, and new ways of working come out of that listening' says Professor Nicholas Sagovsky in this interview on Vatican Radio. Nicholas is a founder member of the T4CG steering group, and had been in Rome taking part in the annual meeting of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC). He says: 'It's invigorating what’s going on at the local level. It has, I think, begun to change some of the political discourse'.

14.4.15 London Evening Standard

'By looking, as the Church did last night, for the best in politics and politicians, we may get something better and bigger than the politics we’ve got.' Melanie McDonagh in London's Evening Standard commented on T4CG's pre-election debate at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Towards a Politics for the Common Good, where theologians Sam Wells and Anna Rowlands debated with parliamentarians Alistair Burt, Dominic Grieve, David Lammy and Stephen Timms. McDonagh added: 'What was striking was that what united the participants, a common Christianity, was palpably more important than what divided them — party differences.'

24.1.15 BBC R4 Today programme

Together for the Common Good invited Jean Vanier to address a cross party event at the House of Lords on 19 January 2015 along with Archbishop Justin Welby and Cardinal Vincent Nichols. Earlier in the day he was interviewed by Sarah Montague for BBC R4's Today Programme on the subject of his talk ‘Living together for the common good: why do the strong need the weak?' Click here to Listen Again

23.1.15 The Tablet

Jean Vanier calls for mutual respect

In the Tablet, Catherine Pepinster reports on Jean Vanier's address at T4CG's cross party event in which he said to MPs and Peers that the #JeSuisCharlie marches had created more division. Cardinal Nichols endorsed this view saying 'it is all very well to have the right to insult each other but we should also respect one another.' Read the full article here.


23.1.15 Church Times

'The secret is meeting people' says Jean Vanier

The Church Times report on T4CG's cross party event in the River Room at the House of Lords where Jean Vanier addressed MPs and Peers on 'Living Together for the Common Good: why do the strong need the week'. You can read the full article here

21.1.2015 Dr Simon J Duffy blog

'Who is Strong and Who is Weak?'

Simon Duffy's account of Jean Vanier's first visit to the British Parliament, hosted by Together for the Common Good and L'Arche on 19 January. Click here to read more. 

18.1.2015 Liverpool Justice and Peace Commission

'From a negative peace to the common good'

Jenny Sinclair, of the Together for the Common Good Steering Group, gave the Annual Memorial Lecture at the Liverpool Archdiocese Justice and Peace Commission. You can download the text here.

11.11.14 St Martin's Day, St Martin's Ruislip

'We feel we are called to practice the common good - to ‘encounter the other’ - it’s through listening respectfully that we can bridge divides, moving towards a place where negotiation rather than confrontation is the norm.'

Jenny Sinclair, of the Together for the Common Good Steering Group, gave the homily at the St Martin's Day Patronal Festival at St Martin's Church, Ruislip. You can download the text here.

12.7.14 C of E General Synod, York

'The calling for the common good is ecumenical work'

At the Church of England General Synod in York, the C of E Mission and Public Affairs Council moved 'That this Synod: (a) affirm the theological imperative of serving the common good; (b) commend the practical activities which serve the common good, exemplified by our parishes, dioceses and the NCIs, and encourage their further development.

Revd Canon Steven Saxby tabled 'a friendly amendment to strengthen the motion'. In his speech he referred to T4CG. His amendment urged 'that the Synod '(c) call on churches at a local level, along with diocesan and national Church bodies, to ensure by word and action that the political parties are challenged to promote the common good when drawing up their manifestos for the 2015 General Election.'The motion was carried unanimously.

Hear Steven's speech here.  Read Archbishop Justin's speech here.

You can download the C of E's background paper and T4CG's briefing paper provided for all Synod members, and listen to the entire debate here. Read our Twitter record of the debate here.

9.7.14 Crucible Journal of Christian Ethics

'Unity and the renewal of the church are inextricably bound up with the unity and renewal of human community.'

The summer edition of Crucible: The Christian Journal of Social Ethics, was guest edited by Hilary Russell, a member of T4CG Steering Group. This edition is titled Together for the Common Good, in her editorial she asserts that unity and the renewal of the church are inextricably bound up with the unity and renewal of human community. She commissioned articles by Angus Ritchie, Niall Cooper, Simon Duffy and Maria Power.

Crucible, a subscription-only quarterly journal, has granted us permission to share one article on this site as part of our Opinion Pieces - Maria Power, also a member of the T4CG Steering Group, explores ‘A partnership in pursuit of the Common Good’ - the example of Bishop David Sheppard and Archbishop Derek Worlock during the 1981 Toxteth riots.

You may also be interested in obtaining a copy of Deep Purple? Post-liberalism and the Churches, the January 2014 edition of Crucible with articles by Anna Rowlands, John Milbank/Adrian Pabst and Ian Geary. We have permission to share the last two here in our Opinion Pieces pages.

23.6.14 Kent

'We see a new way through the politics of disillusionment - in the practice of the Common Good'

Jenny Sinclair, founder of Together for the Common Good, was invited to share the story of T4CG at Post-Liberal Politics: Concepts and Ideas, a conference at the University of Kent with Professor John Milbank, Phillip Blond, Dr Adrian Pabst, David Goodhart and others. Download the text here and video and transcripts will appear here shortly.

20.6.14 Liverpool

'Seek together the Common Good'

"Do not live entirely isolated, having retreated into yourselves, as if you were already justified, but gather instead to seek together the common good." These words from St Barnabas were quoted by Jenny Sinclair, founder of Together for the Common Good, in a talk on the Feast of St Barnabas in Liverpool. Download the text here

14.5.14 Derry

'Reconciliation, together, for the Common Good'

Jenny Sinclair, founder of Together for the Common Good, gave a talk for the Little Way Novena in honour of St Therese of Lisieux, at St Eugene’s Cathedral, Derry, Northern Ireland. Download the text here

06.12.13 Church Times

'We need to articulate a society that works for everyone'

Interview with Jenny Sinclair, founder of Together for the Common Good. Download the article here

08.11.13 Liverpool Town Hall

'...those who are active in the messiness of life are in the best position to turn common good language into the narrative that we need in order to bring common good principles to the forefront of public debate'

Click here to read a short address to Nugent Care AGM by Hilary Russell, Professor Emeritus at the European Institute of Urban Affairs, Liverpool John Moores University.

14.9.13 The Tablet

Welby and Francis set to discuss poverty initiative

Archbishop Justin Welby had his first meeting with the Pope in June. According to Archbishop David Moxon, the Archbishop of Canterbury's representative to the Holy See, the pair spent much of the meeting discussing social justice. Last weekend, ++David Moxon told delegates at the Together for the Common Good conference, held at Liverpool Hope University, that Pope Francis and ++Justin Welby had had a four-hour conversation on the topic. He said the work between Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby had the potential to be as fruitful as the collaboration in the 1970s, 80s and 90s between the then Catholic Archbishop of Liverpool Derek Worlock and his Anglican counterpart Bishop David Sheppard on inner city poverty in Liverpool...Read more here.

13.9.13 The Tablet

‘Was there ever such a crime against the poor as the bedroom tax?’ 

Compared with 30 years ago, the Liverpool economy is in relatively good nick. Its citizens have finally survived being subject to an extreme exercise in “managed decline”. That was the best the Thatcher Government thought it could offer for the future of Merseyside if market forces had their way, as monetarist dogma in the early 1980s brought industrial life to its knees. Three people saved it. They were Derek Worlock, Roman Catholic archbishop; David Sheppard, Anglican bishop; and Michael Heseltine, the first “minister for Merseyside”......Heseltine was not a free marketeer; he believed in government intervention “if necessary before breakfast”, as he put it. He was the one Conservative minister of that time who had an instinctive sense of the common good...Read more here.

13.9.13 Church Times

Liverpool hears of new common good

Churches should work together to make the common good a priority in policy and practice at all levels of society, delegates to a conference in Liverpool agreed this week. The 170 people who attended committed themselves to delivering justice for "the least, the last, and the lost". They agreed to advance the common good by getting involved in projects such as campaigns against the so-called "bedroom tax", and in favour of debt centres, helping destitute asylum-seekers, and exploring how churches could collectively out-trade payday lenders such as Wonga....Read more here.

12.9.13 Wirral News

Frank Field MP: We should work for the good of all

THE names of Derek Worlock and David Sheppard still conjure up a sense of excitement and gratitude. They were outstanding leaders for Merseyside. At the weekend, a conference on the common good was held at Liverpool Hope University. Here we were, around 200 of us, linked together by an idea of the common good. Did we really agree on what was meant by the idea of the common good?... Read more here.

9.9.13 The Baptist Times

How can different Christian and other faith traditions work better for social justice?

"The task for the Church is not to convince people of the need to seek good, as though our nation's leaders and policy makers are intrinsically set on evil, but to articulate with greater clarity what Common Good is,' said Revd Phil Jump. 'We cannot complain if others set the values of society when they have only done so in the face of our silence....' Read more here.

10.9.13 Churches Together in England

Better together  - if you believe it, do it

The themes of ever renewed hope and ‘better together’ lay at the heart of the Together for the Common good event held last weekend, writes Celia Blackden.  The work of Bishop David Sheppard and Archbishop Derek Worlock over 22 years at the latter part of the 20th century gave hope and inspiration to the 170 or so people committed and engaged in public and church life gathered at the Conference.... Read more here.

30.8.13 The Tablet

This article first appeared in The Tablet on 30 August 2013

The Tablet Interview: Friends reunited in faith

Together for the Common Good is the brainchild of Bishop David Sheppard’s daughter, Jenny Sinclair, who talked to Elena Curti about the initiative, her parents’ legacy and her own unexpected faith journey. Download the article here

30.8.13 The Church Times

This article first appeared in The Church Times on 30 August 2013

Restate the common good again: Christians need to emphasise their contribution to society, says Hilary Russell

This is an opportune time for considering the Churches’ role in civil society. The many Christian projects serving communities show that the Churches are active players, and also that they are more effective when working together... Read the full article in our Opinion Pieces pages here

5.7.13 - Catholic Herald

Church leaders seek closer ties on social justice

By Mary Katherine Haley: 'Catholic, Anglican and Methodist leaders have given their support to an initiative towards ecumenical collaboration for social justice...' Read the full article in The Catholic Herald

25.4.13 - The Tablet

'Collaboration and participation – the new buzzwords in welfare and social justice'

By John Battle: 'In the 1980s, in São Paulo, Brazil, I visited a squatter community in a city-centre favela that had been given a substantial piece of land by the city council to relocate their community. They referred to it as the “mutirão project”...' Read the full article in The Tablet or here

28.3.13 - Church Times

'A new Pope and a new Archbishop of Canterbury: inaugural thoughts'

From the Bishop of Wakefield and others
Sir, - The Bishop of Guildford, the Rt Revd Christopher Hill, is right to highlight the unique opportunity that now exists, through the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC), to "work for the common good together' More...

18.3.13 - Independent Catholic News

'Major initiative to explore how Churches can collaborate more on social justice work'

A year-long ecumenical initiative backed by leading figures from the Catholic, Anglican and Free churches has been launched, to explore how faiths can work better together for social justice amidst unprecedented economic crisis and inequality. More...

7.3.13 - Liverpool Daily Post

'New Social Justice Initiative to Build on Legacy of Liverpool's Former Faith Leaders David Sheppard and Derek Worlock'

The spirit of former church leaders David Sheppard and Derek Worlock - who championed Liverpool during its darkest days in the 1980s - is being called on again for a new social justice initiative. More...

6.3.13 - Godfrey's Blog

'Together for the Common Good'

I want to invite you to a conference. It will be held at Liverpool Hope University, 6-8 September this year, and has the title 'Together for the Common Good'. More...